Installation Procedure

How to install Drew on an existing web server, for example on an Apache web server running on a SUN workstation :

Startup Procedure

In order to start the servers Drew GrandSioux et Sioux, go into the directory containing Drew on the Web server and run the file run

In order to have acces to the DREW clients, use a browser to open up the URL :



The configuration file drew.conf define the parameters of the servers GrandSioux et Sioux:

  1. Directory of the web server http documents. For example : htdocs
  2. Directory of the web server cgi scripts. For example : cgi-bin
  3. Directory containing Drew. For example : /home/ftillon/Java
  4. Where DREW is on the web server. For example : Java
  5. Web server name. For example :
  6. Root of the web server. For example : /home/ftillon/Serveur/apache_1.2.6
  7. The GrandSioux server's port. For example : 32000
  8. PThe Sioux server's port. For example : 36000
  9. The URL of the on-line help. For example :

Note : Concerning the URL of the on-line help, Java corresponds to the directory in which DREW is installed on the web server. This directory must exist before running the installation procedure. However, the Doc directory is generated automatically during the installation procedure.


Makefile Generation

The perl script automatically generates a Makfile from the information it reads in the configuration file drew.conf



all : server client image sujet doc

	javac -classpath $(CLASSPATH) -d $(DESTINATION) /home/ftillon/Java/Drew/Serveur/*.java

	javac -classpath $(CLASSPATH) -d $(DESTINATION) /home/ftillon/Java/Drew/Client/TableauDeBord/*.java
	javac -classpath $(CLASSPATH) -d $(DESTINATION) /home/ftillon/Java/Drew/Client/Rejoueur/*.java

	@mkdir $(DESTINATION)/Drew/Image 
	cp /home/ftillon/Java/Drew/Image/*.gif $(DESTINATION)/Drew/Image

	@mkdir $(DESTINATION)/Drew/Sujet 
	cp /home/ftillon/Serveur/apache_1.2.6/cgi-bin

	@mkdir $(DESTINATION)/Doc 
	cp /home/ftillon/Java/Drew/Doc/*.html $(DESTINATION)/Doc
	javadoc -private -sourcepath /home/ftillon/Java -d $(DESTINATION)/Doc \
		Drew.Client.TableauDeBord Drew.Client.Rejoueur\
		Drew.Client.WhiteBoard Drew.Client.Chat Drew.Client Drew.Serveur 2> javadoc.log

	/bin/rm javadoc.log


Makefile Execution

The make command concerns all of the targets server, client, image, sujet et doc:

The command "make clean" deletes the javadoc.log file generated by the Sun document generator javadoc (non definitive version)


The Perl script creates and updates the files necessary for using DREW