1. Selecting an existing subjet for debate
  2. Starting a session
  3. Defining a new subjet for debate

DREW home page

page d'accueil Drew

Selecting an existing subjet for debate

DREW's Home page contains the numbered list of subjects that are available for starting or replaying a debating session. Simply click on the subject you would like.


Starting a session

On DREW's Home page, click on your chosen subject. The presentation of the subjet to debate appears. You have the choice of launching a discussion session (discuter) or replaying an interaction that has already taken place (rejouer).

Description d'un sujet

Subject description, access to discussion and replay sessions


Defining a new subject for debate

Click on ici on the Home page

You obtain a screen that allows you to create a new subjet for debate.

In order to so, enter the following information :

Subject creation form for Drew

If the next screen appears, your subject has been registered. Click on liste Drew to go back and verify that your subject has been added.

Confirmation de la creation du sujet

Confirmation de la creation du sujet

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